Dental Patients in Brandon Florida

Patient Information

At the dental office of John M. Cherry, Jr., DMD, we believe it is important to treat our patients with respect while providing a warm and welcoming environment where they will receive the highest quality of dental care. Our goal is to have every patient leave our office knowing they received the services they need to maintain a healthy mouth.

Your First Visit

Dental Health Discussion in Brandon, FL

Your first visit to our office is a chance for us to examine your current oral health and review your medical history. We make it our goal to give every patient an accurate and thorough examination, so they can have a full status report on their oral and dental health. With innovative methods and techniques, we will examine and reexamine your condition, and provide you with the dental services you need and deserve.

Some services you can expect during your first appointment are:

What to Bring to Your First Visit:

To provide each of our patients with the best treatment, we ask that you be sure to bring the following items when you initially visit our practice.

Please arrive 15 minutes ahead of your scheduled appointment time to fill out necessary paperwork. If you would like to complete your paperwork beforehand, you may print and fill out the appropriate forms found below.

Patient Forms

First Dental Visit in Brandon, FL

Before your first visit with Dr. John Cherry, we invite you to complete our new patient paperwork. This will save you time before and during your appointment. Simply click on the links below to access the new patient forms. Please contact our office if you need any help or have any questions. Our knowledgeable team is always ready to help you!

Payment Options

We believe in taking the time to find the treatment plan that best fits each patient's needs and wants. Rather than overwhelm anyone with plans that are too expensive and extensive, we will explore the different options available, without compromising the quality of our treatment recommendations.

We current accept the following payment options:


Our practice does not appear on any insurance company list, and this office has chosen to not join a managed healthcare organization. It is our belief that managed healthcare may not always provide patients with the quality experience they have come to expect. It takes a proper amount of time to provide quality dental products and services.

We work with all insurance companies that allow the patient to choose their dental care provider rather than requiring them to choose from a list. Check with your insurance company to see if this is an option for you.

If your insurance policy allows, we will file claims for you and agree to wait a reasonable period of time for the benefit check to come to us. This service is offered to help alleviate "out-of-pocket" expenses for our patients. Complete payment for all services rendered is ultimately the responsibility of the patient.

This practice is built on the philosophy of quality care for all patients. We will never compromise or take shortcuts. We believe the most cost effective way to provide you with peace of mind is to provide the quality dental care your expect, while giving you healthy teeth for a lifetime.

Credit Cards

For your convenience, we accept all major credit and debit cards.


DirectPay is another finance option our office offers. It works like this: After seeing the doctor, you and our financial coordinator will make arrangements for the amount and frequency of your payments. You will authorize PrideDirect to transfer funds electronically from your checking or savings account directly to the service provider.

The Benefits to this plan are:

  • Convenient payments
  • No Interest of Finance Charges
  • Budget Flexibility
How much does DirectPay Cost?

Each time we debit your account to make a payment, you will pay $2.50 per transaction.

Is it safe to give out my account number?

You can rest assured your private information will not be compromised, as DirectPay is monitored by the United States Reserve Bank.

How do I enroll?

It's simple! Our Financial Coordinator will help you fill out the easy one-page Enrollment Form.


We accept CareCredit


Phasing Treatment

In many cases, it is possible to design a treatment plan that can be completed over a period of years.


For treatments over $500, we offer a “5% off” courtesy to those who wish to pay in advance of treatment.