Dental Services in Brandon Florida


Everyone thinks I lost weight but really can't figure out what is different. They just aren't used to seeing me smile with BIG pearly whites! Thank you Dr. Cherry for changing the way people view me!

P.S. - My wife who always had perfect teeth has been buying bleaching kits trying to catch up to my smile. I think she has a lot of work ahead of her.

- Paul L.

When I moved to Florida twelve years ago, Dr. Cherry was recommended to me and I have been his patient ever since. Although I have never had a negative dental experience, I am a "white knuckle" patient in the chair. Dr. Cherry and his staff are very supportive and reassuring. They explain all procedures thoroughly and answer all my questions making sure that I am comfortable and relaxed. The entire staff is very professional, but at the same time very friendly. I always feel welcome in the office even if I have come in for an emergency situation. I know that I receive excellent care with Dr. Cherry and his staff and would highly recommend his services to others.

- Katherine E.

Dr. Cherry has served our family of five for the last seventeen years. His office has always given prompt service. Whether scheduled or not, the office has always tried to accommodate special needs. His staff is courteous and professional.

Six years ago, my parents were visiting for Christmas. Mom slipped and broke a tooth. Dr. Cherry was called on his day off. He took care of Mom and enabled her to enjoy the remainder of her visit before returning to Cleveland, OH.

- Jan S.

I can't say enough good things about conscious sedation dentistry. This was the first time I ever arrived at the dentist office not consumed with fear. I was so relaxed and calm I almost forgot the purpose of my visit. Never have I experienced a procedure so relaxed and at ease. I would recommend this to anyone that has fears of going to the dentist.

- Betsy M.

Having stayed away from the dentist chair for almost 10 years my wife talked me into going to see Dr. Cherry. I suffer from dentist fear so badly I would not go to the dentist. I had pushed my dental problem to the back burner for almost 10 years. I made an appointment with Dr. Cherry just to talk about the problem. He suggested I try Sedation Dentistry. I was white with fear but kept the appointment. Man, was I surprised. Dr. Cherry gave me two crowns and three fillings as I lay snoozing in his most comfortable chair. My daughter picked me up and drove me home. By five o'clock that afternoon I had forgotten I had gone to the dentist. No fuss, no mess, no bother. It was amazing to have my teeth worked on and not remember anything about it. I recommend Dr. Cherry and Sedation Dentistry to anyone suffering from "dentist fear" as I do.

- Kenneth F.